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Grifols Shared Services North America, Inc Assistant/Associate Biologist in Clayton, North Carolina

Do you want to join an international team working to improve the future of healthcare? Do you want to improve the lives of millions of people? Grifols is a global healthcare company which, since its foundation in Barcelona in 1909, has been working to improve the health and well-being of people all over the world. Our four divisions - Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital and Bio Supplies - develop, produce and market innovative medicines, solutions and services in more than 100 countries and regions.


Performs biological testing of moderate to advanced complexity within a Quality Operations Laboratory in a safe, accurate, and efficient manner following established written procedures while maintaining complete and accurate records of the work and results. This testing is required for the release of raw materials, in-process materials, and final containers.

Primary responsibilities for Assistant Biologist role:

● Conducts various routine and non-routine biological testing (assays) according to procedure.

● Follows the requirements of Grifols' Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

● Maintains complete and accurate records of work performed and test results.

● Calibrates equipment and performs equipment maintenance

● Performs non-routine duties, housekeeping duties, etc. as assigned.

● Attends required GMP and Safety training courses.

● Demonstrates good work ethics and maintains acceptable attendance

● Learns and develops multitasking skills and good time management

● Conducts all work with a focus on safety, quality, and timely throughput

The Assistant Biologist is expected to recognize "abnormal" results and to perform some preliminary evaluation of her/his performance of the test procedure. The Assistant Biologist consults with Associate Biologists and/or the Laboratory Supervisor on significant problems. The solutions to such problems are always within the confines of the test procedures. All of the test results of an Assistant Biologist are reviewed by either the Lab Supervisor or a designated Associate Biologist for "reasonableness" and conformance to the required limit(s). No unexpected test result generated by an Assistant Biologist is accepted without an independent confirmation (normally by an Associate Biologist) and review of the results by the Lab Supervisor. While this is an entry-level position, the Assistant Biologist is expected to progress to a performance level requiring less direct supervision (either by the Laboratory Supervisor or the assigned Associate Biologist trainer). The Assistant Biologist has a variety of weekly / monthly assignments (e.g.: preparation of solutions, housekeeping, etc.) that they are expected to accomplish without specific direction to do so. An Assistant Biologist participates in Quality Control studies (blind testing series, validation protocols, precision and accuracy studies) of tests f

or which they are trained.

Primary responsibilities for Associate Biologist role:

● Coordinates laboratory activities in the absence of the Laboratory Supervisor.

● Trains Assistant Biologists and other Associate Biologists in areas of this Associates Biologist's knowledge, experience and expertise.

● Performs assigned testing in an accurate and efficient manner. Keeps complete and accurate records of the work performed and results.

● Learns and follows the methods and the techniques of the biological test to be performed. This learning is a continuation of learning that occurred as Assistant Biologist.

● Follows the requirement of Grifols' Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

● Attends all required GMP and Safety training. Reports quality and safety near hits.

● Calibrates equipment and performs equipment maintenance as assigned.

● Participates in special projects such as standard and control preparations, method validations, comparison studies, etc.

● Trains other biologists

● Conducts all work with a focus on safety, quality, and timely throughput

● Depending on the area of assignment, additional responsibilities will include collecting and/or testing environmental, utility, raw materials, or in-process or final product samples and utilizing test methods that are specific to the assigned laboratory. Will operate and maintain analytical equipment.

In addition, the Associate Biologist is expected to have benefited from the two or more years of directly applicable experience as an Assistant Biologist. The Associate Biologist position requires somewhat greater than time/work management skills than the Assistant Biologist position because the incumbent is expected to complete work assignments accurately and efficiently in a generally autonomous fashion. The Associate Biologist requires more than basic verbal and written communication skills because the incumbent will be required to communicate test results, assay problems, and equipment problems to others outside of the lab (and outside of the company). The Associate Biologist will also be involved in the development and revision of laboratory procedures. The Associate Biologist is expected to maintain a professional relationship with peers, to be a effective member of the lab "team" working toward common goals, and to work well in a situation in which most equipment necessary to complete one's daily assignment is also used by others. The Associate Biologist requires more than basic human relations skills because they will be required to coordinate the laboratory's activities in the absence of the supervisor.

Schedule: 12 hour, rotating day shift or 10 hour day shift, Sunday – Wednesday

Requirements (Assistant Biologist):

An Associates Degree in a life science field, medical technology, or related curriculum and a minimum of six months of applicable laboratory experience or a BS/BA degree in a life science field, medical technology, or related curriculum is required.

Requirements (Associate Biologist):

The Associate Biologist position is normally a progression from the Assistant Biologist position in the Quality Assurance Biology Labs. Therefore, the Associate Biologist position also requires knowledge equivalent to a minimum of two years of college level biology courses (one year of general biology course(s) with associated laboratory work, and one year of microbiology course(s) with associated laboratory work). While the content of the course work specified above is generally applicable to the Assistant Biology position, the associated laboratory experience is more specifically applicable to the position's work assignments.

Work is performed in an office and a laboratory/manufacturing environment or warehouse. Exposure to biological fluids with potential exposure to infectious organisms. Exposure to occasional extreme cold below 32

  • in production areas. Exposure to electrical office and laboratory equipment. Personal protective equipment required such as protective eyewear, garments and gloves. Work is performed sitting or standing for 2-4 hours per day. Frequent hand movement of both hands with the ability to make fast, simple, movements of the fingers, hands, and wrists. Ability to make precise coordinated movements, of the fingers to grasp and manipulate objects. Light to moderate lifting and carrying objects with a maximum lift of 35lbs. Occasionally walks, bends and twists neck and waist, may reach above or below shoulder height. Frequent foot movements. Color perception/discrimination and near vision correctable in one eye to 20/30 and to 20/100 in the other eye. Able to communicate complex information and ideas so others will understand; with the ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken and written words and sentences. Performs tasks by following a set of written or oral instructions/procedures.

EEO Minorities/Disabled/Veterans/Women

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